Bukit Datuk 2011.

10:14 PM

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Hiking has become one of my hobbies. The third time I went for hill hiking was last year's December. We drove all the way from KL to Seremban, Rembau. So far so good, the road to Bukit Datuk as freaking easy. Non of us get lost, cause there's no highway for them to speed. However, met a small accident when we were on the way to my house. *sigh* Seremban is not meant for speeding la, people. It's a small town with no highways. And, Jackie sprained both his legs. Despite the accidents we met, we still enjoyed ourselves :)

Spot any middle fingers? Yea, there's one. 

 With my best friend, also "ji mui", Ee Ling babe. :)

 Your's truly & Ee Ling babe :)
Hah, finally, she reached the top. She wanted to give up, but because the love I gave, she made it, LOL!

 Shuen from the back, Ee Ling & Yours truly. Look at Shuenn's smile, so attractive . :)

Name us. :D

Thanks to Julian and Taugei for all the pictures. Can't wait to go Bukit Datuk again this February. Thanks to my fellow friends who organize the event :D

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