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Hello people.

Have not been updating my blog for the past few weeks. I was busy with my trials exam and it really kills me. I really need extra hours, like another extra 48 HOURS, can I? AS/A2 exam in another 3 weeks time, I don't know what to do besides study that bloody fudge thick ass economics reference book, which costs me RM189. Bloody expensive. Okay, whatever , I have gone too far.  OUT OF TOPIC.

Anyway, it's a random outing with the bunch. So, someone planned to go LAMASI CAFE @ fahrenheit, since we got the coupon. If anyone of you want to know how we got these coupons (Yea, I bet you want to know, cause it's really worth it), just click here - GROUPON MALAYSIA . Credits to Jeffrey, for helping us with the coupon. Here are some pictures that I took randomly. Not many, but it's memorable =P

My favorite Mocha Frescato and Lamasi Green Salad ;)
The Twin sisters =P
Baby Doll and Blondie ;)

Li Yin and Li Ying.

Frescato is love. AWESOOOME!

Li Yin, Li Ying & Alya ;) Bonjour, Alya! =D

We love LAMASI CAFE ! =D
Dude! LOOK here for a minute! xD

Your's Truly <3
with her favorite

Awww maan! Baby doll is soooo cute to be bully la ... <3

"Dai ka jie" weiii...! She's too smart, cannot bully her! xD

 1,2,3,4, tadaaa!

Cheerios, LAMASI CAFE! =D

Rating 5/10

Since we still got time for movie, the bunch decided to watch SOURCE CODE (starring Jake Gyllenhaal), too bad, the seating time for that movie is 4.15. So, we changed to LIMITLESS. Not a boring nor exciting movie, storyline so-so, not as good as INCEPTION. This movie is about some transparent button-like drugs/pill that Bradley Cooper took and it stimulates his brain, and he can do everything in one day without eating/feeling tired. Ei, if they got the NZT48 pills/drugs in Malaysia, I don't mind spending my money on that shit, can score A* for my exams weii, without reading those thick ass books for hours & hours, hours can turn into minutes. DANG =-/ By the way, I don't feel like going to college tomorrow. FML. Ciao for studies now.


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