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Yeah, yesterday's post was a bit.....* I don't know how to say, LOL*. I will take t back for what I said yesterday. Life still goes on, it's not the end of the world yet. Since my results turn out to be this kind of crap, I must work hard on my A-levels. Just as what Rachel commented, I still have to move on so why not save up my tears instead of wasting time there crying like nobody's business, xD.
Well, to be honest, I wasn't crying (actually *wink*), in fact, I was happy about my results. It's not easy to get B+ for science subjects (especially for people like me who study last minute). And then, Got an A for crap Sejarah (Fuhhhhhhhhh, I always got E for it, ish !). Moral?? (As easy as ABC, cause I always score and A for it, LOL) and a B for chinese (Whoa, first time maaan. Half banana also can get B! ).
I feel so bad for my friends who hope for 8 As' - 9 As', but it turn out to be 2 As'. Don't cry, there still a way out, cheers ! But yesterday, there was a girl (whom I actually know, just a hi-bye friend or not even one), damn it! She got 9 As' and she was crying like mad cause there was a B for don't know what subject.
Ei, you want me to slap you?! Then what about others who took 2As' - 5As' ? Kill themself?? Ishh, memang crazy =.=

Off to Methodist college later. Have made up my mind, will be doing A-Levels in Methodist College for the first year, and Second year in TUC for Degree Studies  =D

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