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Hello people! Sorry for not writing posts in such a long time. Here, I'm going to answer some of the questions that people keep asking me non stop for the past one month. No offence :D

#1 You dye your hair?
- Yes. I dye my hair. Problems? You mad bro? 

#2 Why you always go night clubs? Why you become a hardcore clubber?
- Firstly, I'm not a hardcore clubber. I go to the clubs often doesn't make me a hradcore clubber. Did you see me go to the clubs 3 times a week? or everyday? NO. I go to night clubs because I was invited to their events, nuff said. Ever since I'm back to single, received tons and tons of event from friends.

#3 Where are you studying right now? And what course are you taking?
- Currently in HELP university and taking Finance course.

Last questions for this post,

What IF he comes back to you, will you still be together with him?

I don't really want to answer this when I was being questioned by most of my friends. But, since they want to know, I'll just answer it.

I don't mind giving him second chance. The problem is, I gave too much. I gave in too much till I'm sick and tired of it and he's not doing anything too. It's like my effort are put into the trash.I wouldn't want to be with someone who had broke my heart into million pieces and still doesn't give a shit. Someone who is so LAZY to work things out, constantly giving shit excuses. By saying this, I bet  readers already know what is my answer. The answer is NO.

Anyway, a few advise to the guys.

- Don't act like as if you know everything, when you don't know a single shit. People will dislike  you.
- Stop being an arrogant asshole. No one likes arrogant asshole.
- Be polite. Don't be so rude. Even if they are your friends, they need some respect too.
- Don't act like you are so mature till you think everyone around you is so immature. 
- GROW UP, and be a real man.

That's all for today I guess. :)

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