Living in the 21st century - The Gen X, Y & Z

6:12 PM

Love, Diseases, Directions.

Who we are in this 21st century era?
What is our perception of love in this modern era?
What are the 21st Century diseases that we are facing? And, how do we overcome it?
Where we are heading in our life? Are we lost?

According to World Health Organization (WHO), 10% of young people and children has mental health issues because they are unable to withstand the stress that they are facing from workplace and school. Beside that, the rise of technology contributes to what we called the "21st century diseases" in our society such as heart diseases, stroke, diabetes, cancer, hepatitis a & B, you name it.
Furthermore, teen suicides are rising drastically in Malaysia in social network and online games. Teen suicides often link to mood disorder, anxiety, depression , stress et cetera.

So, how do we combat against it? 

SWO team is very honored to have our distinguished speaker, Mr Arul, the founder of SWO (Sshapeup Welfare Organization) to give a talk about love, diseases in the 21st century and also where we are heading in our life.

SWO team will also share about their researches and findings too!

Bring along your friends and family to join us on this coming weekend!

Details are as below:-
Date : 10th June 2017, Saturday
Venue : 10 Boulevard, Petaling Jaya 
Time : 7PM - 9PM (Dinner will be served)
Entrance Fee : RM100 / pax
*Readers are encourage to download the poster and share it to friends and family

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