12:44 AM

Gawd, I'm starting to love SHINee! They are so awesome man! I just love this video, Kim Ki Bum, Lee TaeMin and Lee JinKi are so gorgeous! (Bahahaha, they're mine!)
What if I can dance just like them?? Damn, guess I don't have to study anymore! World On-Tour, advertisement, modelling! Can earn up to 200 k half a year. Oh man, wish I could dance like them! This is so unfair, I'm not allow to go for dance classes! Arghhh!

"You can only choose, either Music or singing. DEFINITELY no dancing!"
" Why I can't attend dance classes??"
" Cause your aunt told me it's not good! Look at you lar! Still act like a child, how I know whether you will mix some bad friends."
" What the hell =.="

Just because my aunt told my parents about how bad dancing is, and sooner or later, I'll mix some bad friends and whatever, and end up I can't continue my dance classes. If I insist it, I'll have to pay the fees all by myself. *pffffbt* =-/

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