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1:40 AM

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OMgoodness, it's 1.41 a.m now. Nah, see! I'm so responsible as I promise my friend I would blog. Hey, Guess what?! It's 2010 , unbelievable! It's a brand new year for me :

a) I'm no longer a student of (sucks) Chan Wa
b) I don't have to wear my fugly uniform anymore
c) No more school rules
d) No more crapos from those jerks and hoes in Chan Wa (Sick and tired of those lala)

Yup, that's what I'm waiting for, NO school rules and NO fugly uniform anymore! Oh ya, what did I said on my previous blog? LOL! New year, new hope ; New year , new blog! That's right, peeps! I got my new blog, right exactly the first day of 2010, and duh...of course everyone has their new hopes, so do I.

What do I actually hope for in 2010? Man, everyone was asking me the same question! Well, of course :-

a) Get rid of my bad attitudes
b) Be more mature
c) Dye my hair, *thinking..* Maybe copper red?xD
d) Roland JUNO-G electric keyboard *OMG!
e) Drum and electric guitar lessons
f) Jazz dance lessons *It's a must for me*

I know it sounds ridiculous but I do not want myself to rot at home like nobody cares. My bro is going to his new secondary school on the 4th of January. Damn, he's going to a private school which only had 15++ of form 1 newbies, with rich kids and spoiled brats . Oh boy, this time I really miss those school days, especially with 5 Murni-ians.
And so from now onwards, I have to watch my "tongue" when I blog, cause I don't want any swear/foul words on my posts now, you know...Since "someone" is reading my blog Dx ! Oh well, it is also one of my hope for 2010.

But when it comes to jerks and crapos, who doesn't swear, right? xD

I H-A-T-E this shiat movie!!

Don't ask me why I hate this movie so damn much, Please don't! This gay movie ruined my whole damn day. This movie sucks =.= Whoever it is, don't even try to mention 31st countdown gathering, it pissed me off badly! ARGHH! Screw this movie *rawr*

♥ Euphorie - éclatant

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  1. Yup....a new year....a new hope...it's good to go college life..haha...looking forward to it...I wonder what's going to happen in this year....

  2. Hey gal. Happy New Year!!! You really made your promise ah, open a new blog. Hope to get together soon! Love ya! Muakz...

  3. Hahaha, yo guys! Thanks for the comments yay! Any resolution list?


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