Charmain, is a grown-up now!

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"Throwing our mortarboards up on the air is one of the pinnacle moment in our university life, because we are no longer thinking inside the box."

HELP University 29th Convocation
at Shangri-La Hotel, Kuala Lumpur
23rd April, 2017.

My study journey has temporary came to an end.

And, I am officially a HELP Graduate now, or shall I call myself a HELP Alumni.
which also means that
" From undergraduate to unemployed. "
Hahahaha, nah, just joking.

Well, the title says it all: " Charmain is a grown-up now! ". Of course, this post is not just a mere story of what I did and what I do on (or) during my convocation. But, this post is mainly to share what I experienced on (or) during my graduation day.

HELP University 29th Convocation.
There are a few life events that are truly memorable to me, and HELP University Convocation is one of the few events. It is rather a solemn event and therefore all students must suit up/dress in formal. (sandals/slippers/jeans/shorts are not allowed).

From my experience, NEVER EVER BE LATE for your robing session as you will need to wear the rob on your own (unless they pay other people to provide the robing service from the photo shop). Of course, you can ask other alumni(s) or staffs for a helping hand. Never repeat the same mistake I did as I was late for my robing session and it took me an hour to touch up and re-adjust everything.

When you are done with robing, the next session would be Rehearsal session, and this is compulsory for everyone. Remember: You do not want to trip on the staircase when you are about to receive your scroll; Or look like a confusing potato because you don't know where to go after receiving the scroll. Therefore, rehearsal session is a MUST for everyone.
Not to forget, all phones need to be switch off or in a silent/vibration mode until everyone leaves the hall/ballroom.

The arrival of the Chancellor.
(Photo Credits: HELP University)

Something that really caught my attention in this photo is the HELP UNIVERSITY MACE, which was placed on top of the table beautifully.
(Photo Credits: HELP University)

The Conferment of Honorary Doctorate, Dato' Mohamed Khaled Nordin 
which is also the Menteri Besar of Johor
(Photo Credits: HELP University)

The Conferment of Masters Degree, HELP University

Followed by the conferment of Bachelor's Degree, HELP University

The whole ceremony lasted for 3 hours. Light refreshment was served after the ceremony. 

With my dad and my grandmother. 
I was the first grandchild to graduate from University, there goes the smile she put on her face.

With Mum. 

Finally, it's my turn to wear my robe, mortarboard and sash. 
Graduated with a Second Class Honours in Finance. witchraft and wizardy, School of Hogwarts, House of Slytherin.

Of course, I cannot leave without taking pictures with my friends. Can';t managed to take all pictures with my friends as they are all over the place, plus the whole lobby and ballroom is so crowded that I ave to squeeze myself in and out of the ballroom.

With my beautiful ladies! 
Been through the ups and downs with them. 13 years of friendship and still counting!

With my uni mates from the very first year in HELP University.
I am very glad to be a part of the Business Student Council family as well. 

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