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7:47 PM

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No business class yesterday. Yeap, the whole class went for a field trip, some kind of Business Expo at PWTC. Thank goodness that there's a LRT there, if not FML . Camwhoring all the way to PWTC, and all the way back to Hang Tuah station. LOL!

Candid shots! Lovey!

Me, Retaillick & Susan.

Candid shots again!

Stephanie Calamba & Me ;)

Whoa baby!!

Yes, here we are, PWTC!

We are the VIP!

Eugene & Me, duh.

What more can I say?



I hate taking the Monorail. =-/

That's all the pictures I have =-/

Damn, I want holidays! I don't wanna study, I just wanna stay at home and relax. Hectic schedules are coming up. Oh please Economics, don't screw me up. =-/

ciao first.

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