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Yeah, sorry for not updating the blog. But my blog is not dead yet, it's still alive here. LOL.
I'm kinda busy with my college right now, not assignments or projects yet but I'm loaded with notes and textbooks. I gotta read all these before I sleep. FML seriously. A-level is not that easy, you gotta work hard, sacrifice whatever time you have for shopping, shitting, and whatever shits and shits. Those of you who's planning to take A-levels, PLEASE, i say PLEASE, think carefully! A-level is not as easy as what you guys thought, it's seriously screwing me up. Okay, I have to go now, have to read my textbook, and do my notes. Will blog in details soon.


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  1. Gal, sounds as if you are under a lotta stress in college o. Dun worry la, as time passes by, everything will be better. So dun worry! Good luck with your notes and textbooks o! <3


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