Camp 1.

10:29 PM

Current Music : I just had Sex by The Lonely Island ft Akon

"I just had sex, and it felt so gooood..."

Gees, I'm so addicted to this damn song! Some of my juniors kept on singing this song inside the bus. Just came back from the camp few days back, and discharged from the hospital 2 days back. What else? Food poisoning la ! FML. I'm willing to suffer from whatever crap illness, but please, NO food poisoning! I suffered like hell maan ! First, stomachache, then nausea feeling, lastly I cannot tahan, ended up puking in the bathroom. It's either the sterilised water I drank in the camp, or the KFC I ate few days back. Took 2 jabs and it cost me RM110++

Camp was fun. It was not as bad as I thought, minus the teasing from Marcus, Kyle and Budak Tinggi and add in the fun with Hwee Phen =D That 3 Musketeers non-stop teasing me, from the first day of the camp till the end of the camp. WTH?! All the credits to Hancock, she took all the pictures and hell yea, she has a great photography skills, I must say. Here are all the pictures that we've taken during the camp. Enjoy.

 We are the Facis! xP

 Me and Hancock (aka Grace)! xP

Spot me?
It's dinner time! I *double like* this photo!
 Group 7 - Radical Recreationist ! <3 you guys!

 Say CHEESE =)

 I look like a ....Sugar Glider? Oh crap.

Tengok sini la, weii!
 Me, Ooi Ning and Kim =P

Your's Truly ! =D
Amanda and Me!
Wah hahahaha!
 So, what's next?

 San Yap, Melanie and Me ! I like their pose weii! WTH is wrong with my pose? =-/

Keep going, KEEP GOING!!

That's all for Camp 1- Day and night. Will continue with Camp 2 and 3 tomorrow. Ciao now. The number of readers are dropping, and I hope they will come back cause I got NEW post! =D


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