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Attended the Prom night 2 weeks ago. It was the worst one I ever had in my first college year I must say. Know why? It was raining like shit when I was on my way down to KL to meet up with Li Yin. We were stuck in the massive jam for 2 and a half hours. We reached there at 8.45, almost 9pm, and the prom starts at 7. We almost missed the whole event, might as well go clubbing. FML. Anyway, we still manage to get our ass to Nikko hotel, just that we were late. Nah, not only us, others were late also, cause of the stupid massive jam at Jalan Ampang, SMART tunnel and Jalan Bukit Bintang. The worst part was, Brian and the other dudes had their car broke down in the middle of the road. Tsk tsk tsk.
Well, not as bad as me. I lost my goddamn camera on that night. I don't mind if it's my camera, but the problem was that the camera is my mum's, new camera some more. Holy shit. I blame it on the road block and myself cause I can't blame anyone. Anyhow, I manage to get a new camera, the same model and colour without my mum knowing it. Gees. HEARTACHE. But thank goodness, they had stocks for the model, other shops I called and asked, they said that model no more stock, and it's a limited edition. BOLLOCKS. I can get that at Digital Mall. It saved my life, I love you DIGITAL MALL! =D

Ahh ,nothing much to say about that Prom, cause it's not as good as what I expected it to be. Here are some pictures of us.

Me and Steph.

Steph & Li Ying, xD

Steph & Li Yin (without the "G" )

Timothy and I, xD What's with my hand?


Take #2 ! What's with Brian and Xavier's face? xP

Dude, you ruined the picture lar! Dayyuumm!

 Grace, Joy and Your's truly.

 Brian, Li Ying, Xavier & Your's truly.
Funny much, cause it's a last minute pose, didn't know it came out to be GREAT shot!

Me and Ceng Yeeeewwwwww! xD
with the L sisters! xD
Ivan & your's truly. =D
 Me and Kenny (aka the vice president of student council ) =D

 Where are we looking huh?

 Your's truly, Sarah and Li Ying.
So glad to see Sarah again! Miss ya! =D

 With Bryan ( aka the president of the student council)
Damn, look at my eyes, FANTASTIC! =D

 8 girls and a boy ;)

Do we look like twins? Cause someone said we are twins.xD

 Dayyuum! almos taller than Tim. Thanks to my 4-inch heels ;)

 Taugei ! xD From today onwards, I'll call him "taugei" instead of "Jun How" ! =-/
Tauuugggeeeiii!! Budak Tinggi!

 Kee Onn (aka Sexologist), Your's truly, and Moi Kok Ming (Economics freak!) LOL!!

 Me and Jordan! 
My "hou ji mui" ! Didn't know that we actually knew each other through GLAM STREET! ;)

 Pretty girls rock!
Mathura, Bee Ling, Your's truly and Li Ying! =D

 I look quite pretty in this picture! 
And what's with Tim's expression? LOL!




 The twin sisters! ;)

Awwww, I heart both of you! =D
Someone who smile when you smile, laugh when you laugh, but hold your hand when you cry.


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