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Aiks, I can't believe myself that I actually stop blogging for 3 weeks? Yea, 3 weeks. Sorry for all the delayed posts, kinda busy with my own thing; Qualifying Assessment, Girlguide activites, Drums tutorial, Moral projects, Math homework, Account tutorial. FML. Dayyuumm, too many delayed posts la deii.Anyway, will still post them up soon. So, stay tune for my delayed posts.

It's been a hectic month for me (minus the Student council thing as I'm not chosen.) I really want to thank God that I'm not chosen/voted cause before the election/voting I did pray for the student council and yea everything happens for a reason. I'm sure I will go bonkers if I got voted/chosen. That's too much for me. I can't even manage my time well, so how am I going to take the responsibility? What mum said about me was right, can't denied the fact.
Qualifying assessment had just ended and yea, what more can I say? I study hard, I get good grades, vice versa. REALITY. Sometimes, I really hope that the answers will just pop up in my mind or fall from the sky without me memorizing any damn notes. Screw that. Mechanics 1 paper really kanasai, I didn't expect the paper will be that sucking bad. The rest of the subjects always kanasai. So yea, no worries, as I am already immune to it. At first, I really thought I'm the only one who did not study well and always delay my assignments every damn day, but heck NO, everyone is complaining about it. Uggh well, teachers don't give a damn, it's either you are wrong, or you get bonus mark from them. Pathetic much.
My results are coming out soon, on this coming Thursday. Ah hah! I'm not going to tell my parents about my results. But, I know I have to resit either 3 papers or 2 papers. Of course, Business paper is a MUST RE-SIT paper, and I'm still waiting for my Economics results. Scary to the shit. I have to fork out a big chunk of kachings to resit these damn papers. *smack head* Nah! Screw that, not gonna think about my results, I just finished my test, and need a good rest now.

REMEMBER! Stay tune for my delayed posts- PROM night, Moral Projects, Darling Yuan's Birthday and CNY gathering. Ughhhm damn, 4 delayed posts. WHATTHEFUDGE!?


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