"I know what he wants"

12:01 AM

"I know what he wants."
Rating : 7/10

Astro sucks, no movies at all . I ended up watching this movie -Legion, say 2 hours ago. I wanted to watch this with the Dudes and Duchess, but some of us are still underage, so we can't make it .
To me, the storyboard was just so weird.Some are not even stated in the bible, duh.  Okay, It was all about a fallen angel, Michael and another Angel, named Gabriel (Of course, these 2 angels are exist in the bible.) , the end of the world, how the angels manipulate the human beings, prophecies,  and how God send Gabriel to destroy the world. It's all BULLCRAP. God wouldn't hurt the human beings that he created on the earth, He won't let us suffer. And yeah, angels will not manipulate human beings, okay? Prophecies, I believe as the Bible already stated (It's on the Revelation). How God send Gabriel to destroy the world? Nah, this is SERIOUSLY crap, crap and crap. Then, why would God sent Gabriel to Mary about the good news, as well as spreading the Gospel to the shepards? It doesn't make any sense to me. 
(Hello, I read the bible and go to church every Sunday. I'm not stupid, and I know the story about Angel Gabriel, Michael and Lucifer. Duhh!)

Anyway, it's just a movie la, if they don't change the storyboard, no one wants to watch it, right? No offence ya, I just write what I know about the Bible (even though I'm still consider young) . 

p/s: Correct me if I'm wrong =D

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