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Hey readers, peepos, dudes, duchess, errr.... whatever you name it. Whoa, seriously, I can't believe myself for not blogging more than 2 months. 2 months?! Guess you readers must be wondering where the hell I went. Oh well, first of all, I was having A-levels exam 2 months ago. And then, something bad happen to me, well, as in personal issues/matters (promise myself not to bring my personal emotions/relationship matters into my blog). Things got fix somehow, and there goes my laptop giving me shits again - whole adapter blew off while I was doing my assignments. FML.
Hell load of things happened way too fast in these 2 months, which I ya.... probably... gotta prepared myself to face the fact that everything it's only a lie on what I believe. PATHETIC, oh well, take it as a lesson.
Ciao people, having driving test tomorrow. FML and wish me luck =/ . Will blog more tomorrow, since am not going to college. :D

Peace out.

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