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Hello Readers!
I know I haven't been blogging since the last post. Yea, actually I tried to but things just got too busy for me, so I drafted all my posts and decided to continue with it later. BUT, it has been there for weeks, so yea, no point to continue it as I lost my afflatus on those posts. Tsk smh. The posts are mostly about my advise on friend's relationship problems.

Anyway, having a fun time with those bunch of crazy people. Ahhhh, it's a compliment kay, I felt so different ever since I met those people. Went to @Live at Sunway Pyramid, it was a last minute decision for me cause the boy said he hasn't been to the club since 987654321 months so I promised to go with him. Normally, I don't go out but to stay at home and study my ass off when exams are just around the corner. Too bad, I broke the rule, and it's worth it cause we were enjoying ourselves there tho the place sucks like fuck, full with old man and aunties, and not to forget prostitutes! WTF. Some people dress up like whore, not chic at all. Seriously, how I always complain that MIST is boring, the place cramp like hell, people there are no fun etc etc, I take back my words now. MIST is so much better than the shit club we went, MIST clubbers really know how to enjoy themselves, dancing and heat up the atmosphere but they don't. They just stood there, looking at those young girls dancing or trying to hit on some whores to get laid tonight, OR maybe they are too old to dance like youngsters. I promise I won't go back to that shit place again.

 With Sher Lin, <3 




There are still a lot of pictures that I didn't upload it here, due to the lightning, quality and the colour. It's hard to edit the pictures as it was taken inside the club.
Anyway, will be busy for these who'e 2 weeks, as trials were already started. I have 3 subjects in a day. Can you see how stupid it is, and yea, gotta really study now since it was my last trials for this 3rd semester. 

Ciao, people.

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