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The love ones just came back few weeks ago. I called the gang out and had tea session with Shyuan, Dar-LING and Min Yuan, and we tagged Jacky and Wai Sing along. Dang, they came and started to promote their direct selling products, wth?! No wonder la, so that was their motivation! To kill our boredom while waiting for others to arrive, we took some pictures, using Dar-LING's iphone 4! Damn, I love her phone la, so many apps which Android can't support =-/

 Me and Min Yuan, love =D

 I like the 1st, 2nd and 4th picture, the 3rd one was like....Ohhh boy=-/
Min Yuan's poses were the same xD!

 Hmmm, girl, you look pretty!

 Your's truly!
Perfecto! ;)

 Ughhh crap! Our timing sucks.
I dislike the 1st and 2nd picture. They said I look like a mouse/ sugar glider! =-/
wth, my face expressions? xD

 Min Yuan and Dar-LING.
AND! We lost Shyuan weii =-/

 AWESOME! 1st and 2nd picture (Y) , but 3rd and 4th totally crap!

 Bei Li called me a - "BIG FACE freak" 

 This 2 ladies taking picture without me and Shyuan =-/

 Thank goodness, I was not biting my finger nails! xD

 Some I-don't-know drink in OLDTOWN Kopitiam,
but I always have it.

 Girl, you abandoned me!

 Cute weiii! But she still complaint it *shakes head* xD

 What was I doing? 

 Miss, can I have your phone number? :)
Hahahaa! LOL!
Perfect picture! ;) 
 Wai Sing drove us to City Park, cause the other half of the gang were there playing the badminton 


 I'm running out of captions. 
Can't think of any other captions.

 I see no ducks. =-/
Only tortoise and CHEAP koi fish.

 Your's truly here ;)

Okay, so the Karaoke session was a last minute thing, we were so boring so we decided to sing our lungs out. It was a fun day with the love ones. All the retarded pictures we took, and girl secrets we always talk about, relationship problems, it really reminds me of high school . =D

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