When Paintball meets Hill hiking.

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Like what I have promised on my previous posts, I'll blog when my connection is back. I have many things to blog. But, I can't blog everything on a post in one day, it kills me sitting in front of the laptop hours and hours. Some more, EDEXCEL A-levels exams are just around the corner. *smacks head* I have 3 weeks more to go. FML.

Anyway, back to the point!

Few weeks back, I went hill hiking with my boy and his bunch of friends. It's a last minute decision for me because the day before hill hiking, I was in Shah Alam for a paintball game with college friends. It was fun tho it's tiring. If you people think the gun (known as a marker) weighed like a water gun, you're fuck. It weighed more than a water gun. Damn, imagine you carried that gun running and walking around, squat down, hiding here and there, in order to knock down your opponent, you'll have muscle ache. The next day, you'll have bruises as well, due to the pallet/paint balls if you've been shot on your arm, leg, neck etc. I have had experienced that, both muscle ache and bruises.

Oooops, I've drifted too far.

Went Bukit Ahpek for hill hiking, this event was organized by my fellow friend, Lai Cheong. This hill was much more challenging than Broga Hill. I'm smart enough to wear my sports shoes this time. I remembered I wore my flats to Broga Hill and I didn't get to the top of the hill, cause if I keep on walking, I have to throw my few hundred bucks of flats away. Stupid me. But this time, we were not at the top of the hill. We reached at a small waterfall, and started to splashed water around. Fun fun fun. Can't wait for this coming Saturday, going to have another hill hiking with my boy and his friends at Bukit Datuk, Rembau, Negeri Sembilan. It's near to my living area.

 After Paintball.


 Before Paintball.

 After paintball.

 Waterfall, with Sher Lin, Xin Xin, Pei Yee & your's truly.

 Waterfall, with my boy <3 =)

 Me and xin xin. Sisters ftw! =D

 3 couples =P

 Xin Xin, Your's Truly, Sher Lin, Pei Yee and Iris =P

 Qi Loong, face problem. LOL!



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