19th Birthday; 25/12/2011

11:53 PM

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Hello peeps, I'm in a blogging mood right now. Kinda busy lately, had been studying like shit for A levels exam 2012. This is no joke man, I'm starting to have butterflies in my stomach. Anyway, gonna post this ASAP, cause today is the last day of 2011. Time flies so fucking fast, can't believe I'm going to DEGREE soon, after A-levels. What's the point, if I post this during the first day of 2012. New year, new hope, new resolution.

Got a surprise birthday party from my dear friends which I'm so happy to have them as my heng dai and heng mui. I met these crazy bunch of friends at the beginning of 2011, knew each other for few months, but I had a wonderful Christmas and Birthday with them. They were not my closest friends but they spent their time with me on Christmas. Together we drink, we drunk and we laugh. I'm so happy and proud to have friends like them.
The idea of giving me a birthday surprise was from Sher Lin, the girl that I like very much. I feel so comfortable talking to her, maybe it is because we are the same age in our group of friends. Anyway,picture speaks a thousand words.

 Shop for ingredients @ MidValley :) 

 It's worth the 200++ bucks.

TA-DAAAA! We started cooking like a boss yo!

 Your's truly was peeling the onion with Xin Xin

 Potatoes for mash potatoes. LOL!

The boyfriend is making meatballs for Lasagne 

 Pei Yee, Veeyan and Your's truly :)

 Ahhah, better not mess with him ;D 

 In a very worst condition. Sweating, stuffy, and cutting mushrooms. =/

 See the pro chef over there?

 Pei Yee, Xin Xin and Your's truly :)


 Cutting apples for fruit salad :)

 Chilling first.

 All starving like hell, had our dinner/supper at 12am. LOL!

Strawberries for fruit salad? HAHA!

 See that mash potatoes over there? :)

 Citrus, love this drink. Thanks to dear Pei Yee :)

 Cut, cut, cut!

See the difference? :)

And of course, it was our girl's time! CAMWHORE!!

I love the cake so much. They really know what I like. The bunny is so cute, that I was so reluctant to finish all the cupcakes x). Thanks Sher Lin, and Pei Yee

Finally, I want to thank all of my friends who came and celebrated my christmas birthday with me. Of course, to those who did not, I appreciate all the wishes and greetings. Thanks, 2011 :) You had been a great year for me :)

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