Final sem in A-LEVELS.

9:30 PM

Current Music :  We run the night by Havana Brown ft Pitbull

It's my last time in Methodist College. I can say that I'm so fucking happy that I'm leaving this college. I don't know why I enrolled myself in Methodist College in the first place tho I dislike it so damn much. But, I appreciate every moment I had in MCKL. At least, I get to know so many great friends who are always there for me no matter what happens. There's one thing I like about MCKL is that , people are very friendly and you can just talk to anyone and blend in. This is the best thing in MCKL. I told myself, once I leave MCKL, I will never find such a friendly community in other university. You know, if I just simply talk to anyone in university and blend in like I used to in MCKL, people we'll be like " What the fuck is your problem right now?" Seriously, I'm not flame throwing at anyone, but it did happen in other university.

It's our suit up day for BATCH 1007. It was a last decision to join the suit up day, but skip a lot of classes on that day. In fact, I went pool with the guys. LOL. #Epic

Went back to college around 1.30pm. And seriously, we spent 24 bucks for pool. Fuck it. =/

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