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This is ridiculous, I've been staying at home for almost 3 months, yes, exactly 3 months. Basically, I just do my things, DIY projects, Artwork, and of course I have to do the house chores. I'm having four months of holiday, and my holidays are going to end SOON. My intake is on May, which means, I have to be prepare for all the incoming assignments, hectic schedules, thick-ass books. I've been sleeping very late, and waking up very late too. I have to re-adjust my biological clock before degree starts.

Oh yea, and the very GREAT news is, I'm officially an undergraduate student in HELP. And for those of you who is still wondering what course I'm studying, I'm studying Finance. They called it BACHELOR OF BUSINESS IN FINANCE (HONS), in short BBus (Finance) (Hons). Isn't it sounds great? NO, not really. Yes, the title may sounds great to some people, but when you study or graduate, they are different. You have your title in your certificate, but if you do not have any experience, don't know what is going on around you, it does not sounds great at all. That's what my dad always remind me of. A peek on the offer letter that I received from HELP.

However, I'm having a little problem here. I don't know whether HELP would let me change my course, but I will still be doing Finance, just that I don't know whether my course is an UOL programme or HELP programme which offer locally. I want UOL programme or any programme that will lead me to overseas, such as Australia. You know, I don't want to stuck here, in Malaysia. Well, at least, if I can't afford to go overseas, I can choose the alternative option which is to finish my course in Malaysia 3 years, without going to Australia or any other country offered by UOL programme. Seriously, no one told me about the UOL programme until Sree told me about it. Shit.

Anyway, there were so many things going on last month, so many things to blog about, but I guess I have to hit the sack now, re-adjust my biological clock. Sucks, cause I just have my nap in the evening. 2 hours of nap, and I can't sleep now. Ahh well, what choice do I have now, I'll just force myself to sleep. Before I stop, I remember I have to blog about April Fool. Ah yes, I have to apologise to my friends.

To my dearest friends,
I'm so sorry for my stupid act. I'm sorry for the photos that I posted in Facebook, about my FAKE baby. As to the owner who owns the ultrasound photo of her baby, I'm sorry too as I used it to pranked my friends. And to those who got pranked, I'm sorry. And to those who did not get pranked, you guys are so smart. For those who were angry at me, I'm sorry okay! I had deleted the picture. Do forgive me.

Okay, that's all for now. Hope I'll blog tomorrow. 

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