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 I heard a lot about WONGFU Production from my friends, and my college mates were inspired by WONGFU Prod. by making youtube videos. So yea, I was curious and would want to check out what was all about this great WONGFU prod. The first video I knew was because of RYANHIGA.

When I was scrolling through my TUMBLR, I found this video and guess who? It's WONGFU Production. Comments and "REBLOGS" are damn high, so I just click in and watch this video. Generally,this video is about relationship stages that every couples would go through. Inevitable. I, somehow, watch it because I wanted to know which stage that I'm in now. I know it sounds stupid but it's good to know so that I know what to do after that. I was mind fucked the whole day , because I don't want to end up on the last 2 stages. No, I don't want to.

Relationship stages:
  1. Meeting
  2. Chase
  3. Honeymoon
  4. Comfortable
  5. Tolerance
  6. Downhill
  7. Break up
Of course, in order to be together and make love, every couple will have to go through the first stage - MEETING.  It doesn't matter where and how couples meet. And yea, I've gone through the first stage. Friends who knows me, also knows how me and him met. Haha, I always hope that I will met someone I like in a college or university, and ya' know my books will just accidentally fell off for no reason and there will be a nice geeky guy come and help me with the books. (Aren't this happens in TAIWAN dramas? YES, most of the TAIWAN dramas. I started watching it when I was 15, and loves to fantasize about my love story. LOL)

So, move on to this second stage, which is call the CHASE. Honestly speaking, I'm very particular about this stage. If a guy wants to be with the girl he likes so much, first the girl would want to know if he is thoughtful and kind, and does he cares what's on her mind. And, DOES A GUY KNOW HOW TO TOUCH A GIRL? That's very important. He made me the happiest girl ever, and also made me feel like I'm the one for him. On our first date, he sent me a very long yet romantic love text messages. And, that's how we got together.

Hmmm,the HONEYMOON stage. Some couples I know, they broke up at the end of this stage. How does it feel when couples are at this stage? Happy? Sweet? Can't text without each other?  Yea, these are the symptoms you will see when couples are at this stage. How cute is that when couple share a cup of BASKIN ROBINS together, share food together or even sharing a drink together. Of course, pictures and photos will also be posted on social network , they even create an album for it. Like any other girls, I would love my boyfriend to hug me in the public, kiss me in the public. However, I'm just too shy for that. I'm so weird. I like to keep it low, the lower the better.It's sad to see couples broke up at the end of this stage, it's either they get used to this stage and refuse to move on to the comfortable stage or they were falling too fast for each other at the beginning. It seems like there are only 2 options, BREAKUP or MOVE ON.

Yay, we are at the next stage now, COMFORTABLE stage. It has a huge difference between this stage and the honeymoon stage. My relationship was in a red light before we both move to the comfortable stage. It hits me very hard, I can't even concentrate on my studies. It's because everything went so well, and out of sudden something that you have no idea what was going on became an issue.Well, my comfortable stage is where I don't have to stress what to wear for our date, I don't have to text him 24/7/365, and I call him once a while, or we don't text or call each other. That's how my comfortable stage is. Even though we rarely call each other or text each other, we are still happy together. Many of friends asked me why we rarely call each other or text each other is because if we do that almost everyday, I'll run out of conversation with him and yea, I want to save my phone credit. LOL.

Moving on to the TOLERANCE stage now? Hahaha. I really don't know. When things get bad, I'll just let it go. I don't talk about it or say anything about it. If he's late for date, I'll just let it pass it.( Yes, I do get fucking angry at some point and I'll curse inside my heart.) But once he showed up, I'll forget what he just did, and I'll never question him why he was late. I keep everything to myself. Be it angry, sad, fucking pissed or disappointed. It's funny when my friend said I have a good tolerance. (Pssssss, know what? I was trained to have a good tolerance. LOL.) But if things get very bad,  I'll explode and harsh words will just come out from my mouth. Once I say it out, I can't take it back.

While, DOWNHILL and BREAKUP stages are stages that couples would go through. Is that right? I don't know. I have not gone through this stage yet. I somehow think that it's not true at all.It's not necessary for every couples to go through these 2 stages cause in the end, it depends on how you fix things and get things right. If anyone are almost at the end of the tolerance stage, try to work things out and fix it. Especially ladies, do not start with an argument, as the guys are trying not to argue.I d on't argue nor I shout and yell at him, cause I feel bad after that (That's no good, cause when I feel bad after shouting at people, I have to think of a way to put my ego down and apologize. STRESS.) . In fact, I'll talk to him nicely like normal daily conversation, so that I can choose not to answer him if I don't like it.

It's true that there are 2 options in the relationship. Break up in the end? or get married? There are so much uncertainties. None of us know what our future is like. Therefore, I would appreciate every moments we have right now. But IF we did not end up together, I will not hate him but I'll be thankful that he was once an important person to me, in my life. Wherever I am in the future, I'll always look back and think of him, cause he taught me how to love and how to be independent.

" Every relationship goes through stages. Where and how each stage develops is ultimately up to each person. While we always hope for the best, we often can't avoid the inevitable. " - Strangers, again.

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