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As promised, I will try my best to blog as much as I can, since I'm having my semester break now.
I get to know that last week was Mooncake festival. I saw many friends posted their pictures about Lanterns and mooncakes in Instagram and that's why. Anyway, we had a great time last week, drinking wine and whiskey, eating chips as well instead of tea, mooncakes and candles :D

It was mum's birthday last Friday. Mum invited her best friend and Aedan baby to our house for her birthday dinner :) Came home late as me and Aedan went to the park to have an evening walk that day, and went home with a bottle of SPRITE, cause mum wants it :D It was a great night with Aunt Terrence, Mum and Aedan, as the ladies were having some girls talk, the usual topic: HUSBANDS & MARRIAGES. Poor Aedan baby had to listen to them, ranting. :P Oh well, enough of writings. Pictures are below :D

Bought delectable cupcakes for mum, cause she loves cupcakes, and sheeps :)

p/s: Untill now, she haven't touch any of these cupcakes yet. She said it's too cute to eat dy. She wished to     keep it. LOL!!

Aunt Terrence and Mum, both are partners in crime :P

Hahaha, you know what? People drinking tea and eating mooncake but we were drinking Johnnie Walker and eating chips. What a night ;D

Johnnie Walker, keep walking.

Besides Johnnie Walker, we have another 3 bottles

Hennessy V.S.O.P, Odd socks, and Baron de Paris MERLOT.

Of course, I'm as sober as hell, and did manage to took pictures of myself xD Haahaa.

IMBA drinker.

Well, not as IMBA as me, cause I down 5 seconds before, and he did not. Fucking crazy me.

Hello, chingu! ;D

Meanwhile, we chilled by the table, and played poker cards.

Luffman Menthol for ladies ;)

No cigarettes are without lighters.

When Cricket meets The Walker.

Samsung GALAXY NOTE is in the house yo!

Young, wild and free!
I was like "wtf, you must be kidding me!?" when my mum told me " Main, which club is better? Cause me and you aunt Terrence want to go clubbing and drink. Maybe we'll follow you cause you always drink." MUM, like seriously?! #YOLO! 

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