Magical dream ; Wedding.

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I love to read wedding magazine since I was young, and even now I will just simply grab one in a bookstore and read it. I won't buy one cause 1) I'm not getting married 2) Not a fashion designer who designs wedding gown 3) Wedding magazine aren't cheap, especially those overseas magazines. When I knew my mum designed her own wedding gown for her wedding and had also designed one for my auntie during her wedding , I never stop thinking how and what will be my dream wedding. Until now, I always tell mum and Aedan how would my dream wedding looks like. Instead of being romantic, he will asked me to not think of wedding first, not until both of us is financially stable.

Last week, I attended a wedding dinner which was held at The Palace of the Golden Horses. The wedding reception was fun. It was Jeffrey's sister who is getting married on that day.Never knew they had themes for wedding dinner as those wedding dinners that I went to, they do not have a theme and everyone dress according to their own "theme" (If you get what I mean.). Throughout the whole night, everything seems so interesting and entertaining. There are dance performance, and sketch (It was a story about how the bride and the bridegroom met each other till the day they decide to be a part of each other's life) etc etc. I didn't took much of the pictures as I was sitting quite far away from the stage and do not expect me to run all the way to the stage just to take pictures.

Outfit for the night :)
By the way, this dress is not available in Malaysia. 

The night before the wedding day, Aedan said that my dress is a bit too much, and he wants me to wear something more casual. Thank goodness, I did not listen to him cause when I stepped into the ballroom, I saw most of the women and ladies wearing evening gown, and they had their hair up-do. After all, my dress suits the theme.

Disney Magical World .

To me, it looks more like a masquerade wedding.
Hmmmm... Masquerade wedding? Sounds interesting. 

Adam & Xuan :) 

To be honest, I still don't know what is her full name, and I just keep calling her Xuan. She is a very nice girl and I do like her a lot though we just knew each other for almost a year. Of course, they are my favorite couple too :)

Eddie and Aedan. 

Eddie, only his heng dai(s) call him "fei lou", and he is very good at basketball too. You ask him anything about basketball, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Durant etc etc,  he will answer you with no fail. I like hanging out with him tho he acts like a douchebag sometimes.

Me and Aedan :)

Your's truly :)

While waiting for the dinner to be served, everyone was so busy taking pictures of flowers, mask, other people, the bride and bridegroom and of course what most Asians do, self-shot. Me and Xuan took a picture of ourselves with the mask on. Finally, at 8 p.m , food was being served one by one. What can I say ? Malaysians will always be Malaysians. Anyway, food was okay I should say. Everything served was halal, which means pork-free.

The Appetizer.

Group photo!
Your's truly, Aedan, Jeffrey, Eddie, Adam & Xuan :)

Last photo we took before we leave the place :)

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