Freshman year.

12:28 PM

My freshman year had just ended not long ago, and here comes my sophomore year which means college fee increases, coursework increases, holidays are getting lesser and lesser. Well, I am more worry about who will be my "next" new friend for group assignments. Choosing the right friend/person for group assignments is very very important. No one wants a free rider, right?

Anyway, exam ended few weeks ago. Everyone had this big wide smile on their face as if they found treasure pot. Seriously, I don't feel the same, I'm quite worry about my results to tell you the truth. Sometimes, when the lecturer says he/she is giving t.i.p.s and said 100% guarantee it's coming out, don't ever trust them 100%, 50% will do. I wasn't really happy about my exams as I think I did quite bad compare to my mid semester test. Therefore I need some distraction that I do not keep thinking about it. 

So, Adam suggested that we go Kajang to meet up with Kelly and Allen. We were supposed to meet up with Allen, but it was only Kelly and we ended up in Jusco Cheras Selatan.

Mango Snowy ice.
The weather is fucked. 
But this one really cools everything down :)

Aedan, Adam & Eddie

Aedan and his phone.

Kelly, Xuan & Your's truly :)



 Hahaha, acting like a kid again :D

I don't know why, but I love this ride thing :)

Meanwhile, at the photobooth ... 

Happy Mothers Day!
 You are as strong as this fellow beetle ;)

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