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Greetings lovelings! I am very sorry that I haven't been updating my blog since my last Penang post. Class just started and I don't really like it, except for Mr Andrew's class. I have 2 writing task and a few assignments waiting ahead of me, that is why I am busy for the past few days. Indeed, the assignments that were assigned by Mr Andrew is less stressful than the other subjects. That is because the assignments are self assessments, which means no theories (I mean there are less theories) and more of a personal life experiences :) I like it very much, as I get to express and spill all my thoughts out that I could not describe it to anyone else with words.

"What is work?"
We were asked by Mr Andrew during out tutorial class. 

What is your definition of Work then?

I, finally realized that my life is not just about study, study, more study, work, competition and wealth. Most of us almost forgot who we really are, as well as forgetting our natural ability as we grow. Why? Because of our mindset, the environment that we grow up in, and the people who influence us. I want to thank Mr Andrew for what he said. The things that he said did really slapped me on my face, and it made me realized and believed things that I don't.

Apart from that, I'm feeling all melancholy for the past whole week, even now. I don't know why. It happens all the time (Well, this does not mean I'm emo. Emo and melancholy are 2 different verbs.) and  whenever it happens, I'll try watching movies that makes me cry. But this time, I choose to read The Great Gatsby, written by F.Scott.Fitzgerald. I haven't watch the movie yet but some of my friends said it was great; some said it was boring. To me, I think that, the remake of Great Gatsby movie is just nice,it is like a short version of The Great Gatsby novel (Why, of course they are!). I was playing the soundtracks- Over The Love by Florence + The Machine & Young and Beautiful by Lana Del Rey while reading it this evening. It really makes me want to cry. Guess I've been listening too much of the soundtracks and also songs from Lana Del Rey, and that is why I'm feeling all melancholy. Yes, Lana Del Rey's songs are sad and emotional.

Anyway, I will try to work on my Penang post as much as I can. Right now, I've got to get back to my work.

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