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GREETINGS! The last time I blog was on October 2013. Time flies so damn fast, everything is in fast pace - PRICE. Wherever you go - be it mamak stall, kopitiam, restaurants or any lunch breaks, you'll hear people talking about prices and also the implementation of GST in Malaysia by the government. Few days ago, I was just discussing about Malaysia's economy and issues with my dad and uncle. Normally, I don't or maybe I should say during my younger days I never really care about what's happening around me until I did my degree. Anyway, I will never voice out or discuss any issues regarding Malaysia in the internet unless my point-of-views are able to convince everyone, or else I will be in trouble. No joke, you wouldn't know what will happen the next minute, just like the case of the sex bloggers - Alvivi.

It's the 13th day of 2014, everyone has posted their 2014 resolutions and also their biggest moment from 2013. Unfortunately, I haven't post any of these 2 yet; and that is why I am here to blog. However, I am still trying to work on my blog layout and template, as well as the banner. I can't seem to find a suitable one.

One word to describe 2013?

Yes, 2013 has been a crazy year for me; the bad ones, the good ones, the awesome ones, the memorable ones. Well, the good thing is that I haven't been to the club for quite some time, and the urge to go to the club always went off, LAST MINUTE. Seriously, I don't know why. My lady told me I', not the "usual" Charmain anymore, as the "usual" Charmain" will never cancel clubbing plans on last minute. Ughhh, I guess I have already passed that stage? I don't know. But one thing that I'll never change, DRINK. I'm more into raves and pubs lately; so, am I on the next stage now? I guess it is, hahaha. After I pass this stage, what is my next stage then?

I have another bad news to announce *drums roll* I AM SINGLE! Yay and cheers for me, okay? Well, not too bad , still. Yesss, I might be a little uncomfortable whenever couples walk pass me holding hands or sharing an ice-cream or being lovey-dovey on the street. It reminds me a lot of memories as I used to do that too, LOL. I don't really talk about my relationship issues in my blog nor I share my relationship stories, therefore, I do not want to talk about it.

My biggest moments from 2013? 

My 21st Birthday and WE LOVE ASIA pres. AVICII.

Attended quite a number of events last year - Guinness Arthur's Day, AVICII Asia tour and also birthday parties. I can't wait to blog and upload these photos, but I will save it for tomorrow. I don't know how long will I have to blog if I want to continue with my next post. I don't know where to begin as there are so manyt hings to blog about. Ahhh well.... we will just talk about it tomorrow.

Ohhhh, and another good news is, I've decided to revive my blog. I can't promise anything, or else it will just be another empty promise. Like how I promise to blog as much as I can, and also blog about my Penang post? Hahaha, all craps.

Peace out.

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