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Yesterday night, I went Sweet Hut with Aedan. It was a new dessert shop located at Uptown Avenue, Seremban. So, I thought maybe we could have a little dessert since both of us did not want to go Secret Recipe. I always wanted to try Sweet Hut, but the shop is always full, ALWAYS! And that makes me curious because 2 years back, I went Sweet Hut , at Puchong to have dessert with my friend. The dessert shop was quiet, and it was just only the 2 of us. The taste of their desserts are average, nothing special nor spectacular. 
Anyway, we were so lucky that there were seats available, which means 2 tables left. Without any further hesitation, we get our car parked and quickly walk into the shop. There are 2 menus ready at the table and it took us some time to order the desserts that we want. I ordered myself a Mango Sago Soup.

 Mango Sago Soup.

After few sips, I told Aedan I regret ordering this. Reasons:

1) I don't like the texture, it was not as concentrated as I expected.
2) I don't like how they served the soup. Look at the side of the bowl, it has soup on it. Seriously, it's that how you serve the soup to the customers? I'm not picky nor fussy, but this is not how you serve the customers. Did you see any western restaurants serve their soup like that? Let me know if they do.
3) Bad service and bad waitress.

There was this waitress who served us yesterday, we wanted to order Fresh Oreo Milk Snow with Caramel Pudding but we were told that the dessert we want is out of stock. NO, she didn't even tell us but to shook her head indicating that the dessert is out of stock. So, we tried to order another one, and she shook her head too. Aedan wasn't really happy about it and he got pissed. I was angry too because I just don't get it how is that possible for the dessert to run out of stock. Aedan then told me he really wants the pudding and I stood up and went and see the manager. 
Funny thing is, the manger told me that the dessert we wanted to order is available. I got pissed and raise my voice at the manager. I'm sorry I have to do that because I am not satisfy with the service. Who wouldn't be angry at it? Few minutes ago, I was told that the desserts I wanted to order is out of stock, and later when I asked, it is available. Well, after listening to all the explanations from the manager, he apologized to us and quickly get our order done.  

We got angry at the waitress too. This is because when we asked her whether the puddings are still available, she shook her head. She could have open her mouth and answer us, unfortunately, she does not have the courtesy to do so. From what I observed yesterday, some of its employees showed their I-don't feel-like-working face to the customer. How I know that? Because it's all written on their face. Simple as that, if someone doesn't want to work or don't feel like working, they show one "special" kind of attitude. I worked in a company before, that's why I know it.

Caramel Pudding with strawberry on top. 

Aedan ordered Caramel Pudding. This pudding tastes so much better than my Mango Sago Soup. The texture looks just like those egg tarts fresh from the oven. So, people who loves egg tarts, they might like this pudding too. It all depends on personal preferences, people who loves to eat pudding, they would probably love it ; People who seldom/doesn't eat pudding (Like me!), they would probably dislike the taste of it. 
The price are affordable, despite the bad service and workers, as well as average tasting of their desserts. This Sweet Hut dessert shop is considered the second best in town (besides Secret Recipe) among Seremban people to satisfy their sweet tooth. I will probably never go there again, and it is not advisable for couples who wants romantic dessert with quiet and peaceful atmosphere. 

In case anyone of you is in Seremban and wants to give this dessert shop a try, here is the address to Sweet Hut.

Sweet Hut (Seremban Branch)
299 Ground Floor, Jalan S2,
B13, Uptown Avenue
70300 Seremban.

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