50th, Chan Wa campfire!

1:43 AM

Chan Wa annual 50th Campfire is going to be held on the 24th of April 2010, at 6pm. Any brother scouts or sister guides interested? =D

Geees, I'm so mad happy that I don't have to pay for the ticket as my member told us that the tickets for ex-seniors(GirlGuides) are free! And yeah, I'm going back to my school, as I miss my brother scouts and sister guides so damn much! 

p/s: I miss my green uniform and feel like wearing them back during the 50th campfire. Ughhh. =.=

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  1. i miss brother scout too!! ^^
    finally kem fire

  2. Me too wei! Ei, if you're going, tell toufoo wat to wear ya! Thanks!

  3. You going?? I wanna go too! But... you know la.. haiz...

  4. Yup, I'm going ! =D Why you can;t come ??? Oh yeah, this time, only Badan Beruniform =-/

  5. Huh? What only badan beruniform??

  6. Yeah, only badan beruniform. This time, non of the society/club or sports can go


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