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Went to Asia Heritage Row yesterday.And yeah, there was a Fashion Street Market. I know I haven't been spending these few days, cause of my work. Crap, everyone knows I have been sitting in the office for the whole day doing all the paperworks. Ughhh.
I bought a peak shoulder jacket, a hair band and a headband. I love it to the max! 

The best selling item and it matches my blouse! Wootz!

"Eres mi niña bonita"

*credits to Nanano Boutique*

I'm so into Gladiator Heels lately, I don't know why but I feel like buying them =D I tried it on and yeah it looks cool and nice. Wooooootz, thanks for all the compliments. LOL. Noooooooo, I feel like buying them but sifu said I have to start saving up my money, not to spend so much although I'm currently doing my part-time job *Gulp*FML.

Say BYE BYE to Gladiator Heels. 

Okay, since there was a Tarot reading session, so we decided to go and have some fun. I don't know what mum asked for cause it was confidential. And when it was my turn, I did asked for my studies and personality? I guess. I know I shouldn't go for Tarot reading. I'm not that superstitious okay, but heck, I admit that I really wanna know what's on me, at least the next step? 
Few minutes later, I got my readings. Apparently, I have to move on . Sifu told me that I have to let go of something, something that is not worth to wait. And yeah, I know what was it and it looks like I really have to let go of it. That's all.
The sifu also warned me not to spend so much although I'm currently doing my part time job. I have to start saving my money. Ughhhh. =.=
And through my writings, sifu told me I'm a very independent girl (Awwwh, thank you so much), brave and strong, but I got to look far. That's all. I have to change my signature also, cause the sifu said my signature represents self killing *Gulp*
Oh yeah, according to the feng shui, IT business is doing very well for 2010, yeah and now, I gotta manage my blogshop again. FML. 

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