Sugar Glider.

3:04 PM

Ughhh. Yesterday was a disaster.

No drama(s). Yesterday, the new girl told my lady boss that she's not coming cause she's going to college soon. Bei Li is quiting her job next Sunday, which means I have to do all the paperworks, invoices, billings and whatever I can do. If anything goes wrong, I'm the one who kena screw by the boss first =.= FML. I kena screwed by the boss yesterday, so I put all the blames on Lufti. Damn it, Lufti =.=

Sugar Glider, wooziee!
I wonder if Sugar Glider smile, cause my colleague told me I smile/laugh just like a sugar glider.I was like "What nonsense is this?!" Ughhhh. Anyway, I'll take it as a compliment cause I think Sugar Glider are mad cute!! Woooooooooozie! Oh crap, this makes me wanna get myself a sugar glider =-/

I wanna buy this, Holland Lop.
They are so adorable when their ears are hanging down (FYI, their ears are always hanging down, it won't be straight). Gawd, it cost RM350 each !*smack head*

Roborovski Hamster! Me likey likey!

Winter white hamster! So chiio!

I'm so into animals (or you call it pets) these days. I don't know why, maybe because of my job. I even think that frogs and worms are cute! OMG, what am I thinking, this must be damn crazy =-|
Anyway, I still like my job and I enjoy it very much! =D Ciao now. I'll try to post something interesting instead of cute fugly worms and frogs next time. Ughhhh. 

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  1. Congrats to you ah. If seems that you've adapted animal instincts. The love for every creature. hahahaha...
    How's work??? You sound bored leh...

  2. Yeah, thank you!! Hahaha, the animals are soooooo cute! LOL *sigh* Work is ok, but I have to do all the paperworks, invoice, billings etc. Sitting in front of the computer for the whole damn day *pffffbt* But, I enjoy my job also =DD


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