Let the Fire begins!

12:03 AM

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Just came back this morning, say 11.30 am. Yeah, dad fetched me home. I was staying overnight at my school after the campfire ended. Hell yeah, I know this sounds crazy but yeah, I did not sleep for the whole damn night. Me and the girls were chatting, gossiping and having fun with the ex-scouts and scouts from other school (different states). Rover Meeting for ex-girl guides and ex-scouts after that. Oh come on, meeting starts at 11.30pm and ended up at 1 am. FML, I was dreaming and drawing and scribbling in a piece of rough paper to kill the boredom throughout the meeting. Duhhhh.
Campfire was fun, but the programmes were suck, as well as the PA system! (Hellllo members and rovers, low budget ke?!) Please lah, go and search for a good PA system! The food stalls are awesome, the scout members sell their own made mash potatoes and I love the herbal eggs! (*Good job and well done, Scout and guide members) 
And yeah, I wanna thank Jason Yee also. Oh gosh, I love Jason's voice, damn nice wei when he sang the song- "Lucky" duet with Jing Nee. Not a handsome dude but has nice voice, LOL.
Me and Yee Hung got excited when we saw T.Y, our ex-senior scout =D *wink*

The Open Ceremony.

I miss out the first part of the open ceremony. FML. Normally, I took a lot of photos, but this year kanasai la.  I forgot to bring my camera! Ughhhh.

I don't know what the hell was this, and I seriously can't remember who took this picture.

Different people, AGAIN! Me and my girls, and of course with the guy that I fancy BEFORE ( past tense), .Ughhh, well he is not my cup of tea. Gawd, Just look at our eyes! Hell no, the dark circles and eye bags are popping out! As I said, we did not sleep for the whole damn night. Ishhh, look so pale and old. *smack forehead* FML! Next Saturday, I'm going back to school again. Some Girl Guides and Scouts event is going on. Yeah, Me and Bei Li had made a promise yesterday, we'll take shit loads of pictures with Tong again! LMAO!

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  1. Gal, You seem to have loads of fun there leh.. I miss the "Jason Mraz" performance again.. T.T Got records??

  2. Have fun?? Hmmm quite okay lo, aiks, no record...


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