We gonna light it up.

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Before I post up the wedding pictures ( Btw, It's not my wedding ya, there is still long way to go), I'll posts up some photos that were taken on the 18th of September.
Went to Alvin's house at 10am, since I do not have to go for Drum class on that day. Few of us had arrived, but some of them *ahem* came at 11am. tsk tsk tsk *shakes head*

He was fixing the Karaoke Machine, and at the same time sms-ing with his Ice-cream *shakes head*

Ah Boon and Lemon (aka Jia Le) . Both are studying in the same school, taking the same course and in the same class as well. Boy oh boy, rumors are still exist dude. LOL. We sang like mad, especially Ah Boon! LOL

My jolly wolly buddies! (Top) Jia Le, Shuen Cherng and Beng Kiat/Peng Kiat  ; (Bottom) Xi Cui, Ee Lin and Jacky. Just made friends with Peng Kiat, as he is one of Alvin's good friend. LOL

Bei Li and Yan Ying came late, as well as the 2 Jia Jun (s).tsk tsk tsk *shakes head* After that, went out for lunch. This is crazy, we took almost one hour to decide where to eat, what should we eat and so on. And finally, we could just get our ass out of the house and simply find something to eat. I was hungry like mad. =.=

Hop into his car and there we go! LOL. He drove us there, and of course not all of us can fit into his car. We have Jia Le  to drive us there,

And also, our Miss Ee Lin, =D

We somehow ended up in a, I-don't-know restaurant/kopitiam. Food was okay, nothing special. (As usual lo, Seremban where got nice food?! You tell me la!=.=)

After that, we manage to get our ass back at 3pm. Yea, 3pm I think.Someone came up with a brilliant idea, that was, we should watch horror movie together since Alvin has the amplifier speaker! PPS suck and we watched a Thai horror movie, this movie was kinda......"CREATIVE", I should say. Yea, whatever la. I did not finish the whole movie, cause I was rushing home for family dinner, but joined the gangs later on.

They lit up the lanterns =D Nice shot weii!

Your's Truly, Yan Ying, and Leng zai Choong (aka TF!) LOL

Hmmmmm.... What was I doing? =O

Burning Flame =)

Like I always do =)

The 2 Jia Jun(s) : Jia Junn (left) & Jia Jun (right) ! LOL! To them, I'm just a boy, and they still treat me as a boy! WTEEEEFF la weiii! Only 2 of them knew what I did during my high school days, that's why they said I'm one of them, LOL!


So zai Tham! LOL I don't know what was he doing! I just took this picture, LOL!

tsk tsk tsk *shakes head* Air pollution! I know who did it!! 

Your's Truly took this! =)


Spot the middle finger? Obviously the middle finger is not mine!

We gonna light it up!

Weeeeeeee <3 ! =D

Jason Howard ;)

I cannot stand this picture, cause I look like some freak out there! =O
I forgot who took this picture =-\

It's me again! LOL!

The gangs with - Pancake (Left), Lemon, TF!, BlackMan, Prawn Mee (Your's truly), Kar Ann &
Apple Darling!

And of course, with our beloved Chinese Teacher - Cik Chiew! 

It was really a great time for me. I enjoyed myself very much, especially with the gangs! =D Too bad, Dar-LING and my Hunny Bunny missed it! I'm looking forward to the class gathering at 13112010! =) 


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