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It's Saturday now, and yea, here I am to blog a bit . Well, it's  the old pictures (Not really old pictures, but I took it last month ago.) My cousin's wedding- part 2.

I was one of the.... what you call? "Ji Mui" ! I'm the youngest there =-/

It's all white (cause we were told to wear white) 
Gosh, it took me 4 hours to find a white dress! And, I managed to get one ;) 

The white ones ;)

All the flashing lights ! =D


*I'm running out of caption, so bare with my stupid, random captions ya!*

We love you, sis. *kiss*

With the cousins! =)
Your's Truly, Vivian, and the bride of the day =)

 With my aunt =)

The Lai family =) 
So far, they are the friendly ones, it's my mum's cousin =)
 I like them, the whole family =)

Mother, Father and the Daughter =)

My cousins =)


Vivian, and Your's Truly.


Dayyumm! The old lady in red suit, can talk for hours and hours and hours. 

Wow, huge ass pig on the table =O

After that, went to my uncle's house. Hmmm, I don't really like to call him uncle, cause I used to call him "Fei zai", LOL! Went back to the hotel at 4pm, and I only have one hour of rest. The dinner starts at 7, but I have to get ready by 6, wtefff!? Anyway, we were late for the dinner. 


*It's that a bird cage?! LOL*

My favorite ;) 
I did not drink much, cause it's a cheap wine, and it doesn't taste well =-/

With the "fei zai"'s cousin, Chris =)

With my cousins as well =)
Your's Truly, Cyllace, Vivian & Sally =)

=O He's not my boyfriend.
My boyfriend is way much better than him xD

I love this dress =)

That's all for now! Have to ciao, doing some accounts exercise (which I don't really wish to do so =-/).


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