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Silly US -  The 4 Golden Flowers!

Spare some time to blog since I have my ass sitting on the chair and reading business studies like a shitbag =-/
Found this old picture when I was scrolling through "MY PICTURES", it was taken during the last year of my high school. So much fun, so much crap to talk about, so much nonsenses and lame shit to do with the 2 Jia Jun(s) and drama went on and on, despite the shit school that I studied.

 I still miss high school and also SPM. Why I miss SPM? Because I know I can do better if I really put in just a wee effort on it, especially Biology and Additional Math. Add. Math is just as easy as ABC. Compare to A-levels, SPM is nothing, it is just a 1+1=2. A-levels trials will be on the next Tuesday, which is 2 days away from today. Butterflies in the stomach?? Yes, I am. Everything is different now, no more SPM. I seriously don't give a damn about SPM last time. But, this is A-levels, not SPM. Papers are all from UK not Malaysia (if you get what I mean), if I fail means fail ; if I get high marks, good for me lah! My results are actually affecting my study grant. Ughhh, this is the problem. 

I'm kinda regret for the choices that I made. Until today, I don't know why I ended up taking A-levels, Art subjects some more. FML.
The most crappy case was, I enroll myself for A-levels and took Accounting. Shit, I hate accounts, I hate $$. I hate paperworks.  

Okay, enough of ranting bout my pathetic case.

I just hope my trials will end it fast cause I'm looking forward to Malveen's house on the 6th. He will be having an open house for Deepavali. I wonder who's going ? =-/ Carmen is not going, and I don't know whether I can make it, might be attending some wedding dinner. =-/ If most of them are Form 6s', hmmmmm, I might not be going =-/ I guess!

I love this picture so much! 
(Took this picture with my junior scouts!)
Hahahaha, I miss you guys la! Especially Lit Chian, Meng Tee and Lock Chee! ;)


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