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Pictures are up. Thanks to Chris and Vivian.
I went back to Penang just to attend my cousin's wedding few weeks ago. *sigh* It was not a pleasant trip as I thought. FINE. Let's just forget about it. Say HI to MOTHER NATURE! =D
I was so boring sitting inside the car, and decided to take some crap pictures, LOL

We reached the cousin's house at 4.30pm. Gawd! I seriously can't tahan the boredness. I sat down there like a doll, no one came to say HI, or serve us.They suck! FTL! =-/  After that, having dinner with the Wong's family together with the Chan's family. This is the (epic)worst dinner I ever had. FML. I don't know why people just can't shut their mouth when they are eating, or can't they just stop boasting about everything? *shakes head*
I went out to get some drinks, because if I don't go out, I can die of hearing gossips and boastings! 

Drank this ;)



I can't wait to get to the evening, cause that's when I want you the most =)

A very nice photo album, love it to the max. I wonder which bridal shop would have such good photographer, cause all the editings and shootings are awesome! Hmmmmm, planning to get myself an album too. =-/

Oh crap, have to ciao for math homework now. Ughhhh! =.= 


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