Corporate Social "responsibility"

1:27 PM

The so-called, Corporate Social "Responsibility  ". Why? Because yesterday I bought an online game, which I wanted it so much ever since the game launched last year. And finally, I manage to get one from the computer game store. (Y) GREAT!, you win my loyalt! xD
And guess what I saw when I was installing the game?

What a joke?! xD


Well, at least the game producer is concern about the social health, and when I said social, it means young kids & adults aged between 13 to 25. I guess they did some survey and their stats show that kids & adults nowadays play 24/7/365 without sleeping, eating, shit, dating, sex (maybe or maybe not), exercising, and what not. Some even don't give a shit about their "big" important exams, but thinks that becoming the champ is much more important.
I remember I had a friend in high school, the day before exam , which is our chinese essay writing paper, he was HARDCORE dota-ing. And what I heard was, he wrote essay about Dota (Of course he created some bullshit, like he had a nightmare about dota heroes, creeps came and killed him and how he become the hero, bla bla bla) 100% epic. Guess what?! He got a damn C for his essay, and those who wrote love essays, got an E.

Anyway, it's hard to see such  game company who would concern about the social health. Unlike some bitchfucking hell cybercafes, 24/7/365 open business, which lead all the kids and adults into some fucking hell. Why not they just set up some rules, AND " Students with school uniform are not allow to come in" rules doesn't make any damn differences okay?

Nay, I should get back to study, having Economics paper this coming Friday. Pffffbt.

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  1. i wondered what is that formal-like blog title is doing in your blog lol.... just say tat hock hui la, classic example, exam liao still mapling ==|||


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