Someday, EDP.

10:53 PM

Can you believe that Justin Bieber is launching his - SOMEDAY fragrance ?
He's trying to raise fund actually, by launching his very own fragrance. I really wanted to get one of this fragrance, Nah ah, not because he is Justin Bieber, it's because I like the packaging and the design with some parts dangling on the neck of the bottle. And yea, the girl in the commercial is pretty, prettier than Selena, perhaps? (No offense ya, beliebers!) LOL! Seriously, I'm so going to get myself one, SOMEDAY fragrance. Information said that it's going to hit the stores 2 weeks later, perhaps the US store? So when it is going to launch in Malaysia?

 SOMEDAY by Justin Bieber 

Nah ah, I like the girl more than Justin Bieber.

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