Throwback: Valentine's Day

8:16 PM

Current Music: Time by Hans Zimmer

How I always wish that I could attend a real ANTI-VALENTINE'S party. My friends said I'm an idiot who likes to attend weird parties.


 Unfortunately, I do. 

Back then, when I was doing my A-levels in college, me and my girls always wanted to organize an anti-valentine's party. We even came out with hell lot of weird ideas. Well, that was like 3 years ago.
Anyway, I did celebrate Valentine's. No surprises, but received pink roses and having Valentine's dinner with Aedan :)

Most happiest day ever. 
Pink roses and a romantic dinner for 2 :)

He may not be the most handsome guy I know, but he is a very nice guy. Gentle and kind. 
What attracts me the most is that he doesn't talk much and of course I love smart geeky guys. I think they are cute and he's cute! 

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