After all.

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"What are you studying now?", "Oh, so what you want to be?", "Why you study this course?", "Cool! It's a tough course but get to work with big financial company"

I've been asked a lot whenever I'm at a party or a gathering. I don't know how to answer them when they asked me"Oh so you like numbers and figures? I heard is a tough course but offers you a very high pay" The answer is, NO I don't like numbers and figures. I study finance is because my parents want me to do something professional which involves stocks, money, and security commission. Well of course, it's not as professional as students who take ACCA/CIMA etc. As for my mum, she's a lot more simple. She wants me to manage her business, that's all.

"Why finance?". 

I had been asking myself from the day I started my degree. Interest? No, not really. I'm not interested in doing business or trading or selling products. High pay? It was one of the reason, but not the major ones. Professional? It was one of the reason too, but not the major ones. Parents? Yea, it could be. I'm not sure tho. My parents know I'm very into music, design and arts. Once I finished my SPM, I told them that I wanted to study music and design, taking dual degree. My parents told me to do what I like and were supportive, since they play music too. But, (there is always a BUT for asian parents) they wanted me to reconsider my decision again. So in the end, I took A-levels which I did badly in my exams. Again, after I done with my A-levels, I told them my final decision was that I'm going for music.

My parents, how do I describe them? I don't know cause they are not those typical asian parents nor the western culture type of parents. If I get an A, they say I did a great job; If I fail, they asked me to study hard, instead of wasting money. Till the end of the day, it is me whether I want to get a first-class honor or marry to a guy who earn average-pay. I'm smart, not dumb so I know what I want. 
One thing that I don't really like about asian parents is their mind set. To them,  professional careers are good, the best of the best ; well they will tell you that those non-professional careers won't get you any further, not good, will not get high pay etc. My parents got influence by my auntie and uncle, they told them that study music and design won't get me any further. 
Oh come on! What do you mean music and design won't get me any further? Look at Ang Lee, he won quite a number of awards, and he directed and produced several international movies. Look at Rowan Atkinson, a degree holder in Electrical engineering, but what makes him famous was his action and comedy movies. Look at Jay-z and Timbaland, they gained fame too, collaborated with so many singers. I don't see any problems here, everyone of them climbed to the top. Look at Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsey, Daniel Baolud, they own a chain of restaurants. Look at Jason Wu, he was once an unknown fashion designer who works in a small shop. But he did managed to pushed himself to the top. Today, models are wearing his clothes, walking on the stage during fashion weeks. Michelle, the US president's wife wore a dress which was designed by him. If you said doing design and music courses will not get me further, then what is all these? You tell me la.

I wanted to study design is because I love interior design & I love to decorate and design every corner of the house, including toilets, kitchens, staircase etc. I also love going to IKEA to see furniture as well as going to those open show house or show units. Though I did not know how to draw the plan, but I have hell lots of ingenious ideas when it comes to decorate the rooms and house.Contemporary Music course has always be my first option.I love drums, as both of my parents play the drums. To me, I play well on the drums compare to Piano. I don't really like the piano due to self discipline and other things. Guys always said girls who play the piano tend to be attractive and pretty. But I think female drummers are much more cooler and attractive. People seldom get to see girls play the drum;) No doubt. Haha!

After all, Finance is not really the course that I wanted to study. It's not like I hate / dislike this course but I want to do something that I like, I'm good at. I do have a wee bit of interest in this course, especially economics. Unfortunately, I'm not 100% good at it. Who knows I might work as an interior designer once I graduated so I told myself, I will take what's left from my PTPTN account and enroll for an express course.

However, do always remember that we are living in Malaysia, not US. If you got the money to go overseas, do appreciate it. Not all of us can afford to go overseas and pursue our dreams. I can't pursue my dreams in Malaysia neither I can afford to go overseas without scholarships. 

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