The richer the better?

11:55 PM

Just had a very interesting conversation with my friend.

So the conversation went like this.
I told her that I am very happy that she found someone who truly loves her and fulfill her needs without fail. Then she replied me, she said: " Hey Charmain, you are a nice girl. You are special. I know you deserve someone better. Go out and meet more people and find someone that's much more better." Well of course, I am not angry for what she said as she knows I went through quite a lot in my previous relationship. She just want me to be happy, to feel what a girlfriend should feel like when they are in a relationship. 

Many of my friends told me the same thing. The same thing about finding someone better, someone who can make me happy. But WAIT! there is something I want to know, what do you mean finding someone better, someone who can make me happy? Is it someone who can buy me Zara, MAC, Iphone, Chanel and bring me to expensive restaurants. If that was what you mean, then I can tell you that no matter how many stuffs he buys me, I won't be happy. In my life, there are always WHAT IF(s)

1) What if he throws a huge stack of receipts or bills to my face and said :" We are breaking up, this is the total amount I had spent on you. I want it back." Anything could happen, ya'know. Guys nowadays are damn calculative, no shit.

2) What if he sends me a breakup message via messaging apps, and said:" I lost my feelings towards you. We are breaking up. Please return all the things I bought you." Guys can be fucking mean sometimes. He wants all the things back, then what about mine? My time, my effort, all the things I sacrifice for him.

To be honest, who doesn't want to live a happy life, I want too. I always wish my boyfriend can bring me to an expensive restaurants, buy me an Iphone, a chanel lipstick, zara garments and what not. It's a girl's nature, we are not gold-diggers just so you know. But I told myself, it's okay if I don't get to eat lamb shank, I don't get to drink MOET & CHANDON on our 5th month anniversary, I don't get to wear Chanel lipstick or a Charles and Keith bag because I know someday, I can afford all these shits by my own. Moreover, it's a waste of owning this cause I have no functions or dinners to attend. 
Besides, I'm not the type of girl who is willing to sacrifice everything just to love a guy for the rest of my fucking life. NO, I have ego (I know it's bad) and I will never ever dumb myself down for a guy. Alpha lady, yo! And the only guy that can tolerate my alpha lady behaviour is Aedan, the guy that I am dating right now. Because of his high tolerance towards my behaviour, sometimes (I said SOMETIMES) I would listen to him cause he has valid reasons to prove that I am wrong. ( Pssss, this is why sometimes I dislike engineering students, too smart too analytical.) Right now, I am happy though I don't get any material things from him,. Non of the guys I dated had bought me roses on Valentine's day, or took care of me when I'm sick. But HE did :) So ya, I am very contented of what I have right now. Of course, that will not stop me from meeting new friends or people.

Lastly, I quoted this from twitter "They say money can't buy you happiness, I say neither does being broke." True enough. So girls and ladies out there, if you are planning to have a family of your own, REMEMBER to choose your life partner wisely and carefully. Once you go wrong, it affects the rest of your fucking life. I believe non of us wants a miserable life, don't we?

(p/s: This is just my personal view. This has nothing to do with other people. :) Happy reading!)

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