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Hola, I'm back ! This is bad, I have not been blogging for the past few months, this sucks as I told myself that I have to blog more often. Anyway, reasons are still FOREVER the same. I have so much to blog about but I have to think twice before I blog, as I might not know who is actually reading it, or no one reads it. Who knows? Anything could happen nowadays. Even people get robbed in the morning, seriously I'm not joking. So yea, gotta think twice before I hit the "PUBLISH" button.

Okay, Here's some throwback, Chinese New Year 2013 :D 
Loving every hour spent with them. Been through a lot with them , from high school till the day we went our separate ways. I know I have been a douchebag for the past 2 years, ditching them in some ways . But then again, they were there for me when I was going through some hard times in my relationship. God knows I need them in my life, without them I don't know what and where am I now. 

 With Jia Le, Anderson, and Your's truly!

 I swear this is the perfect shot, I didn't know our pose matched perfectly :P

As usual, this is my favorite! 

 geeesuss krise! Look at me! 

 I look like I am farting, LOL!

 Had a "great" massage from this uSoffa! I think I should get one of this
massage chair. Seriously, I need one of this chair to help mr
to get through my finals.

 Photobomb by Jia Junn! 


It looks more like, she wants to smell my armpit! LOL!


 Money, money, money!

 I lick you, woman!

 With YanYing, Ee Ling and Your's truly! :)

I really had a great Chinese New Year celebration with my crazy bunch high school friends, and my family too! Of course, I did spent most of the time with Aedan & his family, and I also had a very nice Valentine's dinner with him :) God has been good to me all the time.

Don't worry Charmain, it will be a good year :)

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