Throwback: Weekends ; Exam mood.

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OHMAIGAWD! My final exams falls right on the day after the most epic GE13 (General Election 2013). I'm sure if the opposition wins the election, there will be riot from the other side, it can be worst. Who knows? Anything could happen. Just like the case of Sulu invasion which happen not long ago. Somehow,  there is always an underlying story behind it. Anyway, let's just hope there is not riot after the election cause my finals are more important than anything else now.

Anyway, here's what I had for last weekend. We had a pre-birthday celebration for Siong Zu , so we went to Kensington which is located at Seremban. The food here definitely not as nice as those in KL, but it is one of the good western restaurant in Seremban, besides PIZZA ITALIA.

Seafood platter :) 
Yummmmz! I like this one, especially the mussels and the cheese tuna, not to forget the prawns as well!

Chicken Veronique. 
This is what I ordered. I love this one too, it taste nice then what I expected.  
Grilled chicken with grape wine sauce :) 

 Aedan's Beef rib eye
He wanted to exchange with me but I said NO. The reason is because I don't eat beef nor lamb/mutton. Haha. They said I miss out all the delicacies, lol.
I did tried this one, it was medium cooked, it taste good to me. But  I really don't know how a beef taste like when it is medium cooked. 

I don't really like Kensington tho they are the second best in town. They did not serve any desserts and the service is bad. They used to have pumpkin soup which I will never ever forget, but they stop serving pumpkin soup (and God knows why) . Seafood Chowder and mushroom chowder are the only 2 options in the menu. I had no choice but to order seafood chowder cause I love seafood. No offense, but I don't think mushroom chowder is nice (just a personal preference).

The day before that, I went Domino's Pizza with Siong Zu and Aedan. Seriously, the hardest thing on earth is  to decide where the hell are we having for lunch/dinner. So in the end, we ended up at Domino's Pizza

Domino's Pizza. 
I love Domino's pizza more than Pizza Hut. Maybe because the service here is so much better compare to Pizza Hut. And Domino's Pizza is like Grab n' Go. No extra charges on delivery too.

Bread sticks
Oh hell yeah, I love their bread sticks. It's worth to eat it in Domino's Pizza than in Pizza Hut.

Spicy Tuna Pizza.

Beef Pepperoni pizza. Yummmz !*finger licking good*

Typical weekends, I had. One more week till finals. I'm starting to have butterflies in my stomach now. I can't afford to score a credit for the subjects in this semester ,except for Managerial Accounting. To be honest, I don't really have the time to blog, even if I do, I will end up doing other things/research on my studies. For the time being,I will try my best to blog as much as I can. Anyway, I hope all the T.I.P.S the lecturers gave are useful, especially Management. 

Right now, I am looking forward to my holiday trip to Penang & Port Dickson after my finals. Haven't really done a posts regarding holiday trips. So this time, I will try to do a post on my trip once I come back :) Stay tune.

Peace out.

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