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I can't believe it is already June. Again, looking back at my old posts, I realized that I have been on a very long hiatus. One of my friend encourage me to blog again, I would love to and I am trying my best. Ever since I started my degree (as well as being part of the Business Student Council), I am getting busier than I used to, GALA NIGHT, CHARITY PROJECT, ASSIGNMENTS, ASSESSMENT & EXAMS and what not. Besides that, I am in my sophomore year now, I'm left with 12 subjects which means I will be graduating on December 15'. However, I want to thank Sarie as she helped me to plan my timetable (she even listed out the subjects I should enrol for, for the rest of the semester) so that I can graduate on time. Much love, Sarie. She keep reminding me:" Must plan! Must plan! If you need help, I can help you to plan." Therefore, when it comes to subjects and timetables, I will just pass it to her and she will help me with all the planning. This semester is crazily busy! Instead of enrolling 2 subjects, I just enrolled 1 subject. 
Apparently, I have a 50/50 chances to go to the states and study. On the other side of the hand, I'm still planning to go to Australia. Everything seems so lost right now. Let's not talk about it first. 

Well,  as you know, I'm participating in the ASIA MUSE SEARCH 2014. I am currently on the TOP 13 finalist. WOW, I am so amazed at myself. *laughs* To be honest, I am very proud of myself. From submission to audition, then the TOP 20 semi-finalist and now, the TOP 13 finalist. I never knew I've come this far and just when I am about to give up, all my friends and family gave me their support. 

Owh, if anyone of you happen to read this post. Please do me a favor :) Do support me and vote for me! All you need to do is to like my photo on both links given below. :) 

Every vote counts and it also means a lot to me. Your vote is highly appreciated. Thank you very much readers from all around the world :)!

Top 20 Semi-finalist

Contestant no.4

All the TOP 20 semi-finalist


Peace out.

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