Hello November!

10:45 PM

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Hello readers, guess what? I AM BACK!
Ahhhh, yes yes yes, long hiatus, AGAIN. Just so you know, I am doing fine. I've been busy with my co-curricular, assignments, exams, photo shoots. WAIT, did I just said photo shoot?
YES, photo shoot. I've been collaborating with a few local photographers lately and also my recent collaboration with Number 76 Salon.
God is great and faithful, I must said. All these little things He did for me, I know I am blessed. I was so happy when I received Hikki-San's message, and also received a phone call from Number 76 Salon. Just so you know, Number 76 Salon is not just an ordinary salon. I will blog about it soon. So, stay tuned!

[ Right now, I need to get back to work-assignments. I have 3 assignments due next week, and the week after. D: ]

Here's my recent collaborations. Enjoy!

Peace out.

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