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Greetings, people! 

Chinese New Year is coming soon. People are busy buying food, clothes, shoes, and what not. So this year, I decided to do something different, which is to dye my hair blue. Lately, I was told that there is a trend where girls will have 3 colours on their hair. I have 3 colours on my hair now, blue brown and black. I hesitated because I was told that I have to bleached my hair. Bleaching your hair isn't a very good idea as it cause a lot of damage on the hair; But, once a while it's okay. 

I love the outcome. But I think the colour is slowly fading, as some part of my hair is turning green. I don't know what's wrong but I think I need to do some touch-up. Whenever I see my friends, they will said :" Miley Cyrus #2", and when my brother's friend saw me, he will said :" Miley Cyrus, is that you?!" *laughs* How I wish I have her hair and her colour. Too bad, I'm no match for it.

So yesterday, I went Avenue K which is directly opposite KLCC. It was a newly opened mall and my besties told me H&M are having sales and the clothes there are cheap too. So, I went there to have a look. I love it very much because it was quiet and there are not many shoppers hogging and hauling at the clothes. I haven't try the food there, but someday I will. After that, I went to BLUUNIS, a beauty saloon where ladies can have their eyebrows shaped and embroidered, as well as enjoy their collagen face treatment. 

Well, I guess BLUUNIS are still new to Malaysians, I'm not sure about that. I actually got to know BLUUNIS when I was in Penang, last year. The first time I saw their advertisement was in Queensbay Mall; second and third time was in 1st avenue and Sunway carnival respectively. The advertisement did caught my attention, it was kinda creepy actually *laughs* I received a Bluunis free voucher from Min Yuan's mum as she told me she doesn't needs it so she gave it to me *yay* 

Unfortunately, the free voucher can be only use for eyebrow designs, which means they draw and design your eyebrows, instead of shaping it. Shaping and design are 2 different thing. I told the lady that I want to try on the eyebrow designs and I paid extra RM15 for eyebrow shaping. She told me if I don't shape my eyebrows, it will look very thick if she draws my eyebrow. I can't say no so I paid extra RM15 *laughs*

Okay, so here's the outcome. Before I did my eyebrows, my eyebrows were thick and long. Seriously, I have not shape my eyebrows since secondary school. That is why they are long.

There you go!
Sorry, I didn't draw my brows.

HELP University's New brochure 2014.

Last year, I had a photo shoot session with HELP University. It was for the new brochure which was already printed out on December. It was a very formal thing so it's quite challenging for me compare to previous photo shoot sessions.  
Anyway, it went well and most of us are from Business Student Council (Yesss, I'm one of the committee *laughs*) 

So here it is! I was featured on one of the page *laughs* I get very shy whenever my friends or people I know came up to me and tell me that they saw me on the brochure. All I do is smile and laugh it away *laughs* That is so not me, LOL.


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