HELP Gala Night , 2015

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HELP University GALA NIGHT, 2015

It's a damn late post, I know. Owh well, who cares? LOL
Anyway, I attended HELP University's Gala Night 5 months ago. I decided to buy the ticket last minute because I thought, why not? It's my final year now, and I want to enjoy every moment I spend together with my friends.  This year, I'm not supervising any of the leaders and committees, STRESS FREE. All I need to do, is to doll myself up, sit back, eat and enjoy the night.
I just realised that I overspent compare to last year. I spent almost RM5** for this Gala Night, and I almost bang my head on the wall. I did my very last minute shopping  - make-up, evening dress, high heels, hairdo, etc. I was too busy with my assignments and I did not know that Gala Night was just one week away.
Anyway, I decided to go "normal". If you have read my post regarding HELP GALA NIGHT 2014, you know what I mean. LOL.

2014 & 2015.

I don't know why, but both of the dress I wore to Gala Night are really a pain on my ass. I can sit still, I have to keep adjusting my transparent bra strap (blue dress) and keep pulling and holding my dress cause people keep stepping on my dress. I can't afford to pay this dress if there are any holes or flaws on the dress.
So, this year, I made up my mind that I want to go for short dress. I look everywhere so I found a rose gold evening dress from FOREVER21. This dress cost a bomb. Fuck it. And then, I went to Metrojaya and got a pair of gold high heels. Guess what? JINX. Fucking Jinx. I wasn't able to walk properly, and I couldn't stand too long nor walk around because it fucking hurts man. Owh, did I forgot to mention that I bought a 4 inch high heels? I barely walk the whole night, so I asked Vincent and Edison to get me some food and drinks. Damn.

Despite all the shit that my dress and high heels gave me that night, I do quite like them actually. Especially my dress, I love how the sequins were sewn on the dress. The upper part of the dress is "sheer mesh" (I don't know how you name it) with sequins on it and the lower part of the dress is chiffon. Basically, you don't wear anything in it. It does not look nice with bra since the back of the dress are "sheer mesh"/ bareback. It's either you wear it with a nipple tape or nubra. I wore a nubra with a transparent bra strap to secure it.

Besides that, I got my hairdo at Number76 Salon, Publika. It was Hikky-san who did my hair this time. I told her I want all my hair up, so that my hair is able to accentuates my features since I go for nude make up. (Not a big fan of heavy make-up, that's why.) I did some color touch-up on my hair too.

Well... before I got my ASUS ZenFone 2, I had a bad Samsung phone. Therefore, I have no choice but to ask Marcus to take our pictures since he was the camera man LOL.

From strangers to good friends :) 

 My crazy friends. Especially Catherine, love her lots. 

 Rachel, prom queen for the night :)

Me and Rachel.

So much memories.

Me and Hui Jin.
We are consider a senior in HELP Business Student Council. 

With Wilson, and Vincent.
I know Wilson, when I started asking him about Dota2. He is quite a funny guy. As for Vincent, I knew him since I was 18 years old. We went to the same college to study A-levels. 

Me and Eunice. We weren't that close. But got to know her, when she approached me and told me that I look very cool with short hair. That was when I knew she was a freelance model too :) She won the best dress and her lucky prize - 3 days 2 night in AWANI Sepang Gold Coast. 

 Ladies, from HELP Business Student Council.

HELP Business Student Council family #1

HELP Business Student Council family#2 

Me, Fiona and Catherine

Hey, that's me!

I went for second round after gala night. It's like a traditional stuff for us, young people. I went to PLAY Club @The Roof  for second round. I was drunk and can't remember shit. Th crowd was crazy, and everyone of us got so drunk and tipsy. JINX. Ahhh, before I forgot, I managed to take a picture with Catherine at PLAY club this time.

Sorry la, I got to wear my denim outerwear, because everyone was looking at me. I don't want to be the spotlight. Yup, and I changed my 4 inch heels to a 2.5 inch black heels. Who the fuck goes to the dance floor with a pair of 4 inch heels, right? Definitely, not me. 

 Peace out.

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