2017, and I am reviving my blog.

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2017, hello readers!

It looks like I've been on hiatus for almost a year.
Yes, I had stopped blogging for a year. Of course, I would not let it go to waste.
As usual, someone asked me where I have been for this one whole year, as if my blog has been shut down. And, some even asked me what I am up to now.
Before I start writing about it, I would like to say a few words to all my friends who I met through writing blog, many many years back.

Dear, I have been reading and checking on your blog even though I, myself have not been writing for so long, so so long. Some of you may have shut down your blog, or some of you may have turn into a star blogger. Those who have been on hiatus/shut down, I just want to say, I miss reading your stories and keeping in touch with you all. And also, to those who has turn into a star blogger. I am glad to hear that, and keep up the good work and your passion. Of course, to those who are still reading my blog and stories, I hope we could still keep in touch. Drop me some message/comment so that we can keep our conversation going. 

First of all,  I would like to thank whoever has encourage and inspire me to continue my passion to blog and write about my story. And the people that I want to thank are new friends I made from the PR Company - Mayanne and Putri.
To be honest, they are the one who actually rekindle the fire in me, revive my passion in blogging and writing.

So, where have I been for this one whole year?
Remember my last post about HELP Gala Night 2015? Yes, after HELP Gala Dinner Night 2015, I was busy with my upcoming Final Year Project, assignments projects and exams. Then and there, I went through some ups and downs on my academics and also personal matters.

[Fast forward]

December 2015, I met someone that would change my life. It was my mum who actually brought me to see this person, right after I finish my exam. Before that, my mum was the one who met this person through her friend as she went to attend a talk during my exam day.
So, I promised my mum that I  would follow her to see this person as my mum knew what situations that I was facing. Instead of psychiatrist and psychologist, she brought me to see this person.

[Fast Forward]

Ever since I met this person, I decided to join his foundation to learn, to rebuild, to realign myself, as well as to help people who are in need, just like me.
I was taking one year time to readjust my body, slowly re-tune and re-align my body, soul and mind. Besides, I also took the time to heal and repair my body as the first time I went and see him, my body's health condition wasn't looking good. IT WAS REAAALLLLL..... BAD.

And, there goes my one year time in the foundation, working, learning and constantly rebuilding and growing. I decided to work for SWO Foundation after I completed my 3 years degree in HELP University. Then and there, I keep learning, keep falling, keep growing and keep rebuilding myself. It is not easy, but I am very,very happy that I manage to survive despite the hard times I faced in the midst of my learning process. I went through some life changes by my own experience. It was scary, yet fascinating. That is because every cloud has a silver lining. With such hardships that I was going through, I am able to carry myself up slowly, rebuild myself again and again despite how many times I fell, and also to re-align myself back bit by bit.
It takes time, a lot of patience, determination and also effort to carry myself forward. I am very happy of what I have went through, or else I won't be at where I am now.

Here comes the second question.
So, what am I doing now?
Well, I am currently working on a full-time job. I will not go so much details on this.
Most importantly, I am able to share my experience and my story in order to help people who are in need of comfort, listener, and also experience through my blog.

Just so you know, I am more active in SWO Foundation. I am managing SWO blog, as to provide a solution for readers and other people on how to manage themselves through my experience sharing.
Head to www.swomalaysia.blogspot.com to know more about yourself.

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