When was the last time I blog?

5:31 PM

"When was the last time I blog?"


Did I lost my interest in blogging? I guess so. Not because of lacking the idea/topic to write, it's because most of the time I'm too active in Tumblr, Twitter, LINE and Sina Weibo,  not to forget the ultimate INSTAGRAM
Ever since then, I would express my feelings in a picture through instagram/tumblr, or maybe just a couple of sentences in Twitter. Hence, my excuses would be "Damn, I got no time to blog", " I gotta write a whole long ass of essay to sum up my day. What for? I got Twitter and Sina Weibo. "  I feel bad as I told myself that I would keep this interest and continue to blog when I was in high school. 

I was very active in blogging when I was in high school. It all started when I had friendster. Blogger and friendster were my only entertainment 9 years ago. Whatever happened during the day in my school/class, the first thing I do when I reached home was to write it out and rant about it. I miss how I used to be so active in blogging, I really do. And now, it's like "Fuck this shit, worst day ever", just a few sentences/words to sum up a person's feeling at Twitter.  

I would like to blog again. So, I told myself to find the interest again, and never lose it. May it be just a picture, a short review, random feelings. It will not be easy for me at first, since I'm used to tweeting. I will try my best tho.

Peace out.

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