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" I'm proud of my body and I'm not gonna let any of you bully me just because I'm skinny! Every body is different, and every metabolism is different! I eat a lot, so next time you decide to tell me to eat a burger, remember I probably eat more burgers than you. I've always been skinnier, and probably will always be. I workout, I'm healthy and I'm happy! The amount of hate I see thrown at me and to other model friends that I know are naturally skinny it's ridiculous! You don't see us shaming unshape bodies so please don't come and shame ours! Be happy with your body and stop shaming others! Whether they are skinny, fat, fit, with big boobs, small boobs etc! " - Sara Sampaio

Few days ago while I was scrolling through my instagram feeds, I stumble upon Sara Sampaio's instagram photo. Yes Sara Sampaio, the girl or shall I say Victoria Secret's angel is one of my favourite model. She is down-to-earth and she has her own personality. I like models who is versatile and able to bring out their own personality. I have to agreed for what she stated in her instagram caption. So true, very true as she spoke on behalf of us, skinny girls from all over the world.


People often ask me why am I so skinny OR why do I look skinnier than the previous years. Sometime, Most of the time, I don't answer it. Friends who know me and my family well, they know the reason why - GENES, GENETIC. Yea, my father and his family are all tall and skinny. They don't grow fat no matter how much rice they eat (in fact, they eat damn lots of rice). Same goes to me, I eat a lot but still, I don't grow fats. My mum brought me to the clinic as she was worried, I even did special body check-ups in the hospital and health centre. Most of the health expertise told me that I lack of fats (indeed), very high metabolism rate, and my organ age - 18 years old. (Hah, this is why people always say I don't look like my age.) Anyway, that's not the story for today.

I came across this fruit shop, MBG Fruit Shop a month ago. Million thanks to my bestie, Ling. She was the one who recommended me their fresh fruit juice. I always pass by MBG when I'm on my way to the LRT but never bother to visit it. I didn't know they serve fresh fruit juice until I tried its fruit juice in Midvalley. A week ago, I wasn't feeling well and so I decided to head over to MBG Fruit Shop (which is located at Bangsar LRT Station) to get myself a drink. I ordered Mango+Pear+Apple+Lemon as it helps to regulate body temperature and body toxicity. I actually felt a lot better after that. It is all natural and fresh as the workers make the juice using a juicer. I still can taste the fibre of the mango and the grape seed. No preservative, no artificial coloring. It is all healthy!
MBG Fruit Shop is now my favourite place :D

Grapefruit + Watermelon juice!

Not only they serve fresh juices, they also sell fresh fruits (mostly imported fruits).

Oh did I mention that they have juice of the day too? YES, they have juice of the day too. If you don't like any of their fruit juice, you can try their juice of the day.
I know most of you are wondering how much will it cost. Like I said, most of their fruits are imported (not sure if its really imported fruits, but from what I see, their quality are much more better than the hypermarkets), so when it comes to imported products, there are no such thing as RM0.59/pcs, RM5.50 for 10 pcs. Fruits aren't cheap anymore due to weather condition (simple economics btw). As for fresh juice, they are priced between RM5.90 to RM12.
It depends on personal preference and one's perspective. Some may think that they can buy their own fruits and make their own juice but if they take all the costs they incurred into account, it is almost the same price.

Soooooooooooooooo, if you are happen to be at the Bangsar LRT Station, Avenue K or Midvalley, do try out MBG fresh juice :D

You can check out their website too: MBG.com

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